A solution for the spoofed URLs from Google and DoubleClick

According to CNet, Google will tackle two serious issues. A cross-site scripting issue on the login page of the communication platform Grand Central but more important, well if you receive this type of spam, is the URL spoofing technique that spammers use.

On this blog I have posted, in May, an article about that also DoublClick URLs are being used in spam like Google. As a result, email users click on the URL that appears to direct you to Google.com but instead redirects you to a potential malicious site or an web site advertised by the spammer like an online pharmacy.

“Open URL redirection is an issue we take very seriously. As we become aware of open URL redirectors on google.com, we actively work to close them. We are also aware of redirectors using doubleclick.com and are working to address this issue,” the Google spokesman said.

This sound great. Now it is time for the spammer to develop a new technique. Fingers crossed.