Eliminate your debt spam

With the financial crisis there seems to be an uprise of financial/debt spam emails worldwide. Some of these spam messages also make use of the domain spaces.live.com to host their spam message trying to defeat anti spam engines that use intent analysis.

Some subjects:

debt consolidation
low interest debt consolidation
credit rating
bad debt consolidation
debt external



DO NOT cöñsolidate your debt   Elimiñate It!!!

Leegally Remove your credït card and other unsecured dëbt

* WIT|-|OUTT ever makiñg another pãyment to yoour creditoors
* WITHOUT it affecting yoúr credit long-term
* WITHOUT coñfrontatïon


This IS NOT:

* Båñkrufltcy
* Consolidation
* Or refinancing of any kind

Visit here to leârn how.


* Must have a minimum of 10K in còmbined household unsecured debt to apply 
* Must be a US resident.

Notice the use of special language characters in the spam to trick Bayesian engines and certain content filters that can filter on the word combination consolidate, eliminate and debt.

When visiting the spaces.live.com site you’ll get the following screen that links to the web site http://btstfirstcredit.com/.

When visiting and following the link to http://btstfirstcredit.com/ I arrived at the homepage of Google.be. Is this their intention, get me to Google?

The domain itself has been registered at the DNS registrar OnlineNIC Inc on 16 October 2008 by Shestakov Yuriy, located in Mirniy, Russia with the mailaddress alexey@cocainmail.com.

The domain cocainmail.com itself is registered in Asia at BIZCN.COM, INC by Feis Kiosop from New York.