IKEA’s New Planning Software is a trojan

When you receive an email with the subject “IKEA’s New Planning Software” and it contains the attachment ikea.zip, it is likely that you have received a trojan W32/Trojan3.TX by F-Prot, Trojan.Win32.Buzus.agev( Kaspersky) or Trojan.Generic.1281011 (BitDefender). The extracted file contains “ikea.doc   [lots of spaces]  .scr” and is about a 220 kB large.

The body content contains:

IKEA has a Fantastic new FREE tool for home decorating. Introducing our Home Planner software which allows you to plan your home in a 3D environment.  Simply follow the instructions in the attachment and start planning your dream home today.

The email is also very IKEA branded as you can see from the screenshot below.

It is clear that the trojan author is trying to get the receivers computer infected with the help of this nice IKEA branded email.

The trojan is a network-aware worm that attempts to replicate across the existing network(s) that may represent security risk for the compromised system and/or its network environment.

It is capable to send out email message(s) with a built-in SMTP client engine or it can comunicate with a remote SMTP server when sending out email. It will also sends out email to the email addresses harvested from the local computer and dowloands other files from the internet.

The following files are created: %Temp%\pmnnmkHY.bat, %System%\ddcBUlLD.dll and %System%\javacpl.exe. The following processes are created: javacpl.exe and ics.exe. Windows registry edits are being made and ports 1033, 1056 and 1067 on TCP are open.

A connection to http://www.hallmark.com is being established and the following files are downloaded:

    * wcsstore/HallmarkStore/images/globalNav/gnav_logo.gif
    * wcsstore/HallmarkStore/images/globalNav/gnav_shop.gif
    * wcsstore/HallmarkStore/images/globalNav/gnav_hmkmag.gif
    * wcsstore/HallmarkStore/images/globalNav/gnav_ecards.gif
    * wcsstore/HallmarkStore/images/globalNav/gnav_gcs.gif

The file khfCTLdD.dll is downloaded from the host hxxp://childhe.com/pas/apstpldr.dll.html?affid=*****. This file itself performs actions on the infected computer like Window registry changes and is using BITS (Background Intelligent Transfer Service) to schedule other downloads.

This trojan will send out an Hallmark E-Card campaign like the one below in the screenshot.

This email has the sender postcards@hallmark.com, email subject “You’ve received A Hallmark E-Card!” and contains a ZIP file postcard.zip.

As always, if your anti virus on your computer doens’t detect a virus or a trojan and you get a message like this one, with an attachment from a company like this, be suspicious about it. Companies like IKEA don’t send out mailings this way.

The real IKEA Planning Tool is available on the web site of IKEA as a download.

Virus Total permlink and MD5 hash: 8dff0478664d7ef6efde13c74f81cd22.

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