Google Talk users subject of phishing scheme

After the GMail service interruption, Google now suffers another security risk. Google Talk users are subject of a phishing scheme to get them to give up their user information.

The scam includes to lure tha Google Talk users, Google’s instant messaging system, to the web site ViddyHo with messages containing “Hey check out this video” by clicking on a link via the TinyURL service. The link directs users to the web site of ViddyHo, where users are asked to enter their Gmail usernames and passwords to get access.

The web site ViddyHo is being blocked by TinyURL but it is always possible that other URLs will be used in future phishing emails.

As always, the general recommendation from MX Lab is not to trust any request to fill in your account credentials on a web site. Check the URL, check the HTTPS connection first and try to see if the site is genuine.

One thought on “Google Talk users subject of phishing scheme

  1. Oh, Damn it,
    There is nowhere on the earth which be safe of web surfing.
    We had several problem with G. here.(AFG), Searched returned to another website mentioning that search come out from an script!!! Bul shi t . all time we have to use HTML format for messaging!!!!

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