Bredolab botnet taken down

According to the news site Softpedia, a 27-year-old man was arrested at the Yerevan airport, Armenia, yesterday who is suspected of being the Bredolab botnet runner.

Authorities believe he is the person who was responsible for creating and managing the Bredobal botnet that was capable of sending out 3.5 billion spam messages per day. 143 Bredolab CnC servers, server that give the instructions to the zombies in the botnet, hosted by a LeaseWeb reseller have been taken down.

The people of FireEye are monitoring the activities of the botnet and can confirm that the CnC servers are offline except one CnC server that is located in Russia.

Non-authoritative answer:

If this take down will have an effect on the spam levels will be clear during the following days.