Message from YouTube Administration is spam that leads to the Canadian Family Pharmacy

For several days now, MX Lab,, is intercepting a spam campaign with the subject “YouTube Administration sent you a message: Your video on the TOP of YouTube” sent from the spoofed email address YouTube Service <>. Again, this is a great example of using a well known brand to mislead the public.

The body of the email:

The URLs are pointing to sites like:

and many others

These sites will redirect the visitor to the Canadian Family Pharmacy at hxxp://

8 thoughts on “Message from YouTube Administration is spam that leads to the Canadian Family Pharmacy

  1. Yep I got this one, but I knew that I didn’t send anything to You Tube…somehow it made it into the inbox instead of the junk mail. By following the link, it isn’t inserting any viruses is it? I was smart enough not to follow any link, but was just curious.

  2. Yeah this one got me. It was in my junk box but i looked at it cause it seemed for real and I have one video that is fairly popular. I stopped the page before it loaded. Does it contain a virus? I will probably run a scan anyway.

  3. I have been spammed by this company for years. Usually the links simply take you to the Canadian Family Pharmacy website. YouTube appears to have no way to e-mail them to report this, which appears to be a trademark infringement or fraud.

    I have not been able to find a company or regulatory agency which will acknowledge or take action to stop this type of solicitation. Please let me know if you achieve any results.

  4. This spam email obviously targets people who uploads videos to Youtube, and I think this campaign should attract a lot of visitors to their promoted websites. It’s just very curious for me if anyone who has been tricked into going to that online pharmacy actually buys anything. That just doesn’t make sense.

  5. Iv’e been getting these spam mails about 6 times a day in my inbox, is there any way to block their email inbox with millions of replies

  6. I clicked found the same. Now I have a blinking white box with red strip on the top on my background at say 15 second intervals. Talk about a pain. Any thoughts how to clear this all up? Norton internet Security 2012 found nothiing. I do have a back up from a couple of weeks ago to fall back on.

  7. Yes Youtube is spam. It is also much sport,music,Films that they not are allowed to have there. Spiders, Robots and so also.

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