Directory scam: registration for the World Trade Register’s 2012/2013

MX Lab,, reported earlier in the past of directory scams to register your company “for free”. But when sending back the document, you really agree to get involved into a commitment for several years while paying each year a significant amount for the registration.

MX Lab is intercepting these messages on a regular base and from time to time we see that the sending email address is changed, the company name get changed,… but in fact the scam is the same: lure people into signing an agreement and get their money. This time it is no different with the “World Trade Register’s 2012/2013 edition”.

The email is send from the address”World Trade Register <>”, while the domain is registered on 03-feb-2012,  and has the following body:

Dear Madam/Sir,

In order to have your company inserted in the World Trade Register’s 2012/2013 edition, please print, complete and return the enclosed form to the following address:

World Trade Register
P.O. Box 3079
3502 GB Utrecht
The Netherlands

Fax: +31 205 248 107
Business Registration 2012/2013

Updating is free of charge!

To unsubscribe, please send an email to

Attached to the email is the PDF document wtr2012.pdf.

The first item you will need to be carefull with is at the top of the document on the left:

To update your company profile, please print, complete and return this form. Updating is free of charge. Only sign if you want to place an insertion.

Notice the part “Updating is free of charge” and “Only sign if you want to place an insertion.” It is quite obvious and self explaining for everyone, isn’t it? But keep reading further dow, where the small letters are.

The second item you need to read is the following part of the text regarding the order:


What does this mean? According to the document, when it is returned back with your signature, your entry in the World Trade Register is subject to a contract with EU Business Services Ltd for the next 3 years with a price tag of 995 Euro per year.

Now I suppose that anyone would sign this because of the “clear instructions” and the lay out of the document. This is a malicious technique in order to get companies signed to a contract of 995 Euros per year and again, we expect that some people will be fooled by this way of working.

Our recommendation is: don’t sign the document and don’t do business with this company.

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    • Hi Julia, I am also interested to know. One of my staff filled in the form unfortunately at the bottom and it got signed. they have now sent me an invoice. it’s trickery, plain and simple and there is no way I am going to pay it. i informed them it was a clerical error and that i wished to cancel everything to do with them and they replied that i had to pay, and that they would start cancellation process for the following 3yrs or something. where i live, a contract has to be a ‘meeting of the minds’ to be lawful… of which this is not. it’s trickery and there is no way i’m pay 3yrs of 995 euros for nothing. Susie.

    • DO NOT PAY!!



      DON T WORRY!


  1. I know this company. Don’t pay. They will threaten with lawyers etc. but if you stay strong they will eventually stop harassing you. It may take a while though. DON’T PAY: if you do, they will say that payment means you accepted the terms and you will be billed for the full 3 years. And from now on: READ THE FINE PRINT BEFORE YOU SIGN ANYTHING!

  2. Really, dont pay! I can only speak for the law in England and Wales (and then only as an amature- this is personal opinion, not advice but I would say this ‘contract’ is a classic misrep example and would not stand up in court. What Mia says here is also right- it MAY make things more difficult but not impossible. The terms are unclear and onerous & there is misrep to some extent (the courts would look beyond the simple terms written in this PDF document and include those in the email claiming the subscription to be free etc.). Dont sign up but if you do dont pay!

    • One thing we are not understanding that why the governement of natherland is not taking tough action on this scam peoples? why they are not curbed the place they are doing ?
      cyber laws must be strict so that this type of fraud does not take place. where to contact in India for this type of scams for the effected people?

    • Hmmm just thinking about the misrep point. Bit strong perhaps but either way it wont be enforced by a court. It’s clear it is designed to mislead and fails every test of unreasonableness going (except perhaps Wednesbury unreasonableness!! you’ve got to love this quote- “So outrageous in its defiance of logic or accepted moral standards that no sensible person who had applied his mind to the question to be decided could have arrived at it.”). Well this is no Judicial Review scenario but it makes me chuckle…
      Dont pay.

  3. World Trade Register is scam! DO NOT PAY & IGNORE THEM.

    We have signed the form by mistake and they keep harassing us with emails and faxes. Thank you for the info on this matter. It really gave reassurence to the management of my company.

    • is there anyone I can report this to ie local authorities? we are now being threatened with legal action and although we have taken informal advice to formally cancel the submission and then ignore- it’s still a bit scary!

      • Hi Lalya dont be scared by them they are just bullys I wish I could find the link whereby there is a Member of Parliament from the labour party on the video speaking about this scam and he clearly states do not give them any money they are a SCAM he also advises you to report it to your local MPS. I am sure I typed in World Trade Register on google and one artical had the Video and I also remember the page contained an article by the BBC if any one finds it please send us the link as I am sure this will help a lot of people who are threatened by these bullys.. The Member of Parliament speaking actually has the form in his hand advising NOT TO GIVE THEM A PENNY!”!! Although the scam company in question I think was listed as Business World Register.. or something along those lines as it seems they have been operating under different names for a good few years. Anyway if you come accoss this link please send us the link.. GOOD LUCK and dont feel threatend by them they are just a big CON

    • It hapend to us too! Last week we received an invoice EUR 1990!! We will never pay this scam-company

  4. I have several times searched the name of our company in their website and database, no listings were found. he he…

    They have called us for the matter, but we replied no services had been granted and this is scam….. but they harrased us for legal prosecution…..

    But we will not pay at all and they can not do anything against us since we are not in the same territory. Plus that was just an order-sheet, not a contract in legal form. filling an order-sheet will not make you obliged to pay for and does not make the scam to grant services as well.

    Do not pay at all !
    Do not worry about it

    • Dear Indira, you don’t know what a pleasure is reading your post. I made this mistake on March 2012, as sales employee of the company where i work. They send us requests of payment again and again since then, increasing the total amount for missing payment every time. In the last communication they wrote us about a legal action they could take to oblige us to pay. Reading your communication gives me some hope this to be ended one day. Bye Luca – Parma – Italy.

    • Hi Indira,

      I also got the many mails from this company, it was written “Free” so i filled the form and sent to them duly signed and stamped.

      To my shock, I got the Invoice from them by mail and by post also. I have immediately written back to them to cancel it, since I though it was free of cost. But now, I am regularly getting mails & faxes from them. They are also threatening me that they will take legal action against me & my company.

      I have written back to them that if there was a cost for it, then why they have not taken the money in advance?

      Any how, I am not going to pay it. Kindly suggest, should I file a complaint with Economic Offense Branch, against this company in my country.?

      Pls keep me inform against this company.


  5. Hi all,

    I have a small Dutch Company and also received an email from the registry of World Businesses for 2012/2013 edition. For we Dutchies always are very carefull with emails like this I searched the Dutch internet if I could trust this Company …………………. NO !
    There are several complaints about this Company and there is a site where you can do your complaining, see:
    Or at least send them an email !
    The site is in Dutch but let Google Chrome do the translation for you.
    This company operates from Utrecht in The Netherlands so I think the Netherlands have to take action.
    May be a little advice:
    Do not ever sign or send back requests like this ! About paying …………… sorry, I do not know how far this Company is going legally.
    Please email all ………. that way this fraudemeldpunt can take action !
    Wish all people that have signed for this Company lots of success.
    Myself had a problem with some other Company, did my complain with fraudemeldpunt and they give me good advice what to do. After 3 month’s of herrassing me that I had to pay they finally gave up and never seen them again.
    Sorry for my English 🙂 but I think you all understand …………. I hope.
    I will give a fake emailadres for I am scared the Company that send the email named earlier is watching this site also :-))).
    Best Regards,

  6. Hi Luca,
    I represent a translation company from Rome and we are experimenting the same problem. I have accidentally filled in that fraudolent form and they keep on asking to pay each time more and more. This morning I’ve just received a fax from Waldberg & Hirsch, a global collection company (they say), but if you try to call them up, you find no answer. I would like to report this scam to the postal police, and I will end up to do it, sooner or later. If you wish to talk directly to me, please write to

  7. Samir Haljas – Estonia
    Hi dear bussiness people,
    Same happend to me i filled the form stamped and signed. Almost 4 month person by name Delia / Account manager called me several times , wrote me many times ,even sent me 6 faxes with warnings and est. But today i feel my self free. Our salisitor find information about this compnay that they are scams. Please, honest people do not pay , for this not honest scums.

    • Hi Samir

      Is this for world trade register? We’re being threatened continually with legal action and I’m not sure who to speak to!

  8. Best way to deal with these scoundrels is for everyone to fill out a bunch of forms with bogus information (fake company names, fake signer names etc) and send them in. Then they’ll spend all their time trying to chase air.

    Also a useful tactic whenever you get an unwelcome solicitation or junk mail that includes a prepaid return envelope. Stuff the envelope with as much garbage as it will hold and mail it. The sender pays the bill !

  9. They are not real, how can you say you advertise an organisation in your website and be charging that much. no invoice was sent for approval and they went ahead and send invoice. this is a scam

  10. It seems the World Trade Register’s reach is far and wide. We are a hong kong company that they duped with their fake insertion order, with no listing in their database, no approval, no invoice….”unconscionable” offer and demands and only the now famous Delia harassing us by email. I tried to call “Delia” several times but the call never connects. Their fax number also does not work. Any company that has no formal address and uses a PO Box in Utrecht is clearly bogus.

    We sought Consumer advice from a lawyer for another matter which directly relates to this scam. Delia and the World Trade Register have contravened so many of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations that it is almost funny. You can read more about this here:

    Please don’t pay these jokers. Together we can put them out of business.

    • I have not any intentions to pays this scamcompany World Trade Register.
      They have sent reminders and bill is now up to EUR1900 and comes from some kind of “lawyer”

  11. How can I get out of this? The misstake I did was to sign without reading the small text on left upper side. The same day I received the invoice I wrote to this company and told them I was wrong. The answer was is too late. Now they have send an invoice 1900 EUR.What to do?

    • Hi Jan, Just ignore them. there’s nothing they can do. just harassing you. never pay the bill and answer the emails. if they keep calling you, just hang up.

  12. Hello !
    I just have the same problem as all of you guys above.

    I have a small company in Greece, did the same mistake by signing the paper.
    I did receive 3 final notes and today the keep bothering me.

    I am not going to pay them of course, but is the a legal way to sue them ??

    thank you


    • Hello George,

      I did the same mistake, I protested to the European consumer but the local office in Greece told me they are not responsible and that I have to go to a lawyer and that is better to do it with all the others that have the same problem..

  13. Hi there,

    Thank god for the internet after having sleepless nights worrying about how I am going to pay this I am only a small company and I when I saw there misleading email I decided to sign and stamp the pdf format thinking this was a FREE LISTING to my surpise I received an invoice for euros995 i wrote back to them advising that I am a struggling business who has no way of paying this invoice as it would force me to close down they have now come back with another email adding interest of 123 euros… now that I have read all your emails so they wont a get a penny .. thank you…

  14. I`ve already registered with dem & yes they are sending me letters requesting payments. What can i do? i received mail & reminder latter for payment from World Trade Register,PO no-3079,3502 GB,UTRECHT,The Netherlands,Fax-+31205248107.yet i don`t pay anything.he take any legal action ? What can i do ? please give me Advice.

    • I have been in the same position.DON`T PAY.
      After 3-4 months of reminder and several threats from their Collection department.
      They have the same phone number as this fucking Company.
      Good Luck!

    • Hi I did the same thing and really blamed by myself for not reading the samll print. it really stressed me out until I typed up world trade register on the internet woh… what a relief to find i was not the only one.. they are a scam company and will send you reminders etc.. DO NOT PAY.. there was also a link on the website with a video from an Labour MP advising you not to sign or pay any money.. I can’t seem to find the link now.. has anyone else seen the video if so can you please email me the link.. the MP has the form in his hand and tells you not sign or not pay them anymoney… report it to your local MP and let us many people know as you can. GOOD LUCK.


  15. Från: Domain Services SCAM!!!!
    Datum: 19 maj 2013 21:31:31 CEST
    As a courtesy to domain name holders, we are sending you this notification for your business Domain name search engine registration. This letter is to inform you that it’s time to send in your registration and save.

    Failure to complete your Domain name search engine registration by the expiration date may result in cancellation of this offer making it difficult for your customers to locate you on the web.

    Privatization allows the consumer a choice when registering. Search engine subscription includes domain name search engine submission. You are under no obligation to pay the amounts stated below unless you accept this offer. Do not discard, this notice is not an invoice it is a courtesy reminder to register your domain name search engine listing so your customers can locate you on the web.

      • the woman Delia called me today and asked me to pay the invoice she sent by fax and by mail. Can I tell her to stop to do that with me? or what do you suggest? thank you for your advice. below her mail :

        Dear Ms ………………………….,

        Thank you for your time over the telephone.

        In order for your company to proceed with the payment, we need to issue an updated invoice payable within 14 days.

        Please let us know if the transfer has already been effected or not.

        Your soonest reply will be appreciated.

        Best regards,

        Ms Delia,
        Account Manager

  16. Hi
    Huge thanks to all who write own experience regarding World Trade Register. I’m from Russia and a couple of months ago I made the same mistake. The scenario is absolutly identical. Now we are receiving the Invoises which look illegally and regulary e-mails which advised us to pay. We tryed to answer and close the order but without any result. Moreover when they received the feedback they started to send more letters/mail with threatens… And I was so nervous about this. Your information saved me!!! I’m going to ignore this scam messages and no pay.
    Great thankfull!

    And does anyone know how long these harass will last?

    • Hello, Anastasia.
      I’m also from Russia. And our company also got into this Ofer. We also constantly are sending threatening letters and calling. Your letters will not answer the phone and pretend that I understand nothing.

  17. this is one example of the mails i got everyday from this woman. What do you think about that? Should I reply and tell her to stop harassing me? Thank you for your reply..

    Dear Ms (my name) /Accounting Department of (our society)

    Despite previous requests we still have not received your payment of EUR 995,- for the invoice number 139479.
    Please be informed that a reminder enforcing the supplementary fees as follows:
    – Late Payment Fee in the amount of EUR 99,-
    – Administration Fee in the amount of EUR 35,-

    Will be sent towards (our society) on 22/07/2013 by post, increasing your debt to EUR 1129,-.
    In case the transfer was recently made, please contact our company as soon as possible so we can avoid unnecessary steps.

    Best regards,
    Ms Delia, Account Manager

    Tel: 0031 208 080 789
    Fax: 0031 205 248 107
    P.O. Box 2021, 3500 GA Utrecht, The Netherlands

  18. Recently our Company also received the similar spam mail from some World Trade Register, to which one of our employees subscribed without reading the Fine Print & started receiving the payment reminders followed by threatening mails. We have not paid a penny to them as we are not legally liable to pay as we have never ratified any formal agreement with them. They cannot bind a Company with the submission of merely one Order form which has got no legal sanctity attached thereto. The best remedy is to ignore them completely as these scamsters tend to get proactive once you start corresponding with them. Also ignore all calls or reminders from their so called lawyers or recovery agents as All of this is completely FAKE ! Further no legal action can be initiated by any such company as the targeted victims are from foreign countries on which the laws of Netherlands do not apply at all ! So don’t Panic & RELAX !

    • thank you Karan! your explanations helped me! I have stopped to reply the mail and from now on i will ignore them!!

  19. I wonder how did Angela Lacroix get my email address. I thought spamming was not legal?

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