Download New Maps for Google Earth scam

MX Lab reported in the past regarding scams named “Download Adobe Reader 10 Alternative“, “Download VOIP Addons for Skype Free Talkse” or “The iTunes of Photo Organization“.

We intercepted some new samples with the subject “Download New Maps for Google Earth”.

The body of the email:

Download New Maps for Google Earth

See the best that planet Earth has to offer by adding tons of new maps to Google Earth

You can map:
– 3D Models of Cities
– Your contacts and see their location
– The 7 wonders of the world
– The best locations on the planet
– UFO sightings
– National Parks
– The Moon and the Planets

Download 2012 Maps for Google Earth

There’s also plenty of other features like old maps of the Earth and night/day maps. There’s absolutely something for everybody, so don’t waste anymore time with your old Google Earth, instead:

Get the New Maps for Google Earth

This website has no affiliation whatsoever with the owner of the software program Google Earth and does not re-sell or license the Google Earth software. This website offers an add-on software to compliment the Google Earth software and enhance the Google Earth experience. Membership is for unlimited access to our site’s resources. We also provide technical support, tutorials and step by step guides.

You are enrolled to oct08 as *****.*****@*****.be
Safely take me off from oct08 at any time.

Target News Inc – 5042 Wilshire Blvd #17096 – Los Angeles, CA 90036

The embedded URL leads you tp hxxp:// and shows the following site:

When hitting the Download button we have the well know sign up registration pages for this “product”:

Tip: if you leave this page you will get a pop up with a 50% reduction offer. If you want to buy why pay the price minus 30%. 😉

The ‘same product’ is also available at hxxp://, hxxp://, hxxp:// and hxxp://

The web site hxxp:// is also being used for other “products” because when we open up the domain name we have the ‘PDF Software’ offer on our screen.

The domain has been registered on 2012-2-17 and the licensee details are protected by Fundacion Private Whois ( adn apprears to be operating in Panama.

On the sites the company 10 Solutions LTD.  is mentioned with operating addres in P.O. Box 642, Charlestown, Nevis, West Indies. When searching for this company in Google we can find other sites operated by this company like PCEARTH-SALE.COM to provide “expert customer service and billing support, 24/7 for a variety of Internet vendors and merchants to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty”.

Or Stream Direct (

It seems that 10 Solutions LTD is very active on various domains and that they often change domains and ‘product’ names. When you Google around you can find some reviews about certain products like Stream Direct. On forums you will find people who have purchased the product and had a bad experience (product not working, no refund possible, no support,…) and they will tell you it is a scam.

MX Lab found several sites with reviews about Stream Direct but those reviews are published on sites and blogs to drive traffic, to give a positive review, as pure marketing or search engine optimalisation. Some sites even have titles like “Is Stream Direct a Scam ?” or “Stream Direct a Scam? Is Stream Direct a Fraud?”. According to some articles, Steam Direct just offers an way to download certain content but it is merely an interface to find something that you want to view and could include copyrighted items. Steam Direct does not offer anything by itself and when reading complaints I can confirm that support is bad.

Our recommendation: not to do business with 10 Solutions LTD or affiliates of this company (unless you are sure what you are doing).

If you have a real story – postive or negative – we would like to hear. Share them in a blog comment. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Download New Maps for Google Earth scam

  1. This is definitely a scam. Minutes after my “google-earth” transaction I called my bank and canc’d my card so these people couldn’t have a field day with it. Bank of America is now on it and have acknowledged my claim in order to credit me and go after these bums.
    Thanx for this blog entry!
    HBV in NYC

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