“Voice Message from Unknown ” contains trojan Kazy

MX Lab, http://www.mxlab.eu, started to intercept a new trojan distribution campaign by email with the subject “Voice Message from Unknown (785-553-4447)”

This email is send from the spoofed address “”Administrator <voice7@xxx.co.uk>”and has the following body:

– – -Original Message- – –

From: 785-553-4447

Sent: Wed, 23 Oct 2013 07:25:07 -0700

To: <caroline@xxx.co.uk>

Subject: Important: to all Employees

Note that the cell phone number in the subject and body of the message may vary. The xxx is replaced by the recipient domain in the message.

The attached ZIP file has the name VoiceMessage.zip and contains the 27 kB large file VoiceMessage.exe.

The trojan is known as Gen:Variant.Kazy.254763 (B), Trojan-Downloader, Artemis!535109E4902D or UDS:DangerousObject.Multi.Generic.

This trojan can produce outbound traffic and download other files over the internet. A new process hhcbrnaff.exe is created and a connection on port 443 with the host is created glyphs-design.com.

At the time of writing, 9 of the 46 AV engines did detect the trojan at Virus Total.

Virus Total permalink and SHA256: 4d1f10d965fb352617ed1e33491f74d2519304bbc97916e18a014d4481c29f65.
Malwr permalink and SHA256:

4 thoughts on ““Voice Message from Unknown ” contains trojan Kazy

  1. We received the same email but the interesting thing is the information in message header where they made it look as if it traversed our internal network utilizing FQDN’s of our internal network and private addresses which of known were legitimate. Anyone else seeing the same?

    • We saw the same thing on our campus. The relay mail server was different on each message but the originating server showed our domain name. The virus extracted the CryptoLocker variant. We received a few different variants today. I’ve submitted each to McAfee’s virus labs.

  2. Received the same trojan also. Interestingly enough, symantec anti-virus was unable to detect it. However, malwarebytes did detect. Notice it has a process similar to Ajvsdbsseeyw.exe running in the memory as processes in Windows Task manager.

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