Fake delivery failure from UK Mail contains trojan

MX Lab, http://www.mxlab.eu, started to intercept a new trojan distribution campaign by email with the subject “Delivery failure , July 28, 2014 BN_1479139”.

This email is send from the spoofed address “UKMail Express <77ed27c2@alt-gifts.com>” and has the following body:

An urgent service package has come to the local post office. Delivery was rescheduled because our courier was not able to deliver the package [RECEIVER NOT PRESENT].
You can find more information including contact details regarding your package in the attached file.

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Copyright © 2014 UKMail Group plc

The attached ZIP file has the name BN_1479139.zip and contains the folder with name report_form2_28-07-2014.pdf. Inside this folder the 115 kB large file report_form2_28-07-2014.pdf.scr can be found.

The trojan is known as Inject2.APMO, TR/Crypt.Xpack.94374, Win32/TrojanDownloader.Agent.SBP, Trojan.Win32.Inject.ohic, Troj/DwnLdr-LTD or Win32:Trojan-gen.

At the time of writing, 29 of the 54 AV engines did detect the trojan at Virus Total.

Use the Virus Total permalink for more detailed information.
SHA256: 741c3e6b68efe3f6c89787bac57237a70994031300258eb2dc472ec19a94f717