Penny stock spam: Quest Management Inc (QSMG) stock

MX Lab,, started to intercept a penny stock spam campaign by email with the subject “This time sensitive information could make you very wealthy”.

This email is send from the spoofed addresses and has the following body:

If you missed my heads up over this last week and a half, this is finally your time to act because in just 48 hours something big is going to happen.

This is probably the last time that I will contact you with this information.

My friend at goldman gave me a call over the weekend and told me that the big acquisition we�ve been waiting for is going to occur on Wednesday. The day after tomorrow.

Pfizer is going to complete the purchase of QSMG (a small, public company) at a price of 23.79 dollars a share. For those of you doing the math out there, that’s approximately 30 times higher than where the stock is at now.

If you’re wondering why it’s happening at such a high price, that�s because these guys just completed human trials on a cancer drug which has proved to be effective in around 40% of cases, and big pharma wants this for itself.

I suspect that I am not the only one who might have heard of this news so the stock may start climbing today and tomorrow before the big announcement becomes public on Wednesday evening.

This is quite literally the chance of a lifetime. If you miss out, you’ll probably never be able to make 30x on your money so fast again.

Ten grand into QSMG today will turn into a quarter million bucks by Thursday.

King Regards,
Tyron Klein

This pump and dump spam is coming in quite often right now in our logs and starts raising the amount of blocked spam messages. This time the message indicates that Quest Management Inc (QSMG) is going to be purchased by the company Pfizer, one of the larger pharmaceutical companies.

It has the same characteristics as the previous Incapta Inc campaign.

The goal of these messages is to get people buy a low value share. This will increase the price of the share on the market. At a certain point, someone, the scammers in this case, with share their own shares and the price will fall while you loose money.

QSMG has been subject to a previous pump and dump spam early April. In that case, the share value was raised and dropped dramatically a few days later. This can be seen in the chart at Yahoo Finance (click on the interactive chart and select the 1 month overview).

MX Lab recommends not to get involved with those high risk transactions as the message regarding Quest Management Inc (QSMG) is clearly a stock exchange manipulation.

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