About MX Lab

Headquartered in Belgium,  MX Lab was founded in 2005, as a division of Pixel Design bvba. MX Lab is dedicated to ensuring the viability and security of email as part of business critical communications.

MX Lab was born out of more than a year’s research and development in building the technology required to make up our state-of-the-art solution. Our aim is to halt the ever increasing volume of unsolicited email and virus threats.

MX Lab offers its service to organizations, self-employed individuals, small-to-medium sized businesses and enterprises worldwide. We offer all kinds of businesses and organisations, from small to large.  Most customers report their spam count to represent at least 75% of their total email volume. Once using the MX Lab services, you can expect a 99% spam catch rate and our goal is to offer a 100% virus protection.

The MX Lab Blog is just a way to give you some additional information and news regarding events regarding email security, and even security in general, and as a ‘look behind the scenes’.


3 thoughts on “About MX Lab

  1. I found your site today while searching for an analysis of the Security Update for OS Microsoft Windows fraud. As an editor, I have a good eye for nonnative-English language patterns in spoofed mail, such as “[the distribution] would have result in efficient creation of a malicious software.” That was an instant red flag for me. But I was curious who had perpetrated the fraud, so I went on a search for info and found your blog.

    I appreciate the work you’re doing. Thank you! It’s scary to think that phishers may begin taking the time to do more prep work.

    BTW, my one criticism is about the wording in your logo. Since I’ve developed a strong instinct for language patterns in email, seeing your misspelling of “acquired” made me feel wary about your site initially.

  2. Hey,

    Ik heb een engelstalige google adwords spam binnen gekregen die ik nog niet eerder tegen gekomen ben.

    Is er een soort van dropbox bij mxlab waar ik u deze zou kunnen voorzien om andere users te waarschuwen.


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