New offer MX Lab AVAS for ISPs and Webhosters

MX Lab,, started has reviewed its offer towards ISPs and webhosters and can now offer a real good solution.

MX Lab AVAS for ISPs/Webhosters

MX Lab AVAS for ISPs includes: zero hour anti virus and managed anti spam as a standard on a domain level.

MX Lab AVAS for ISPs Premium

MX Lab AVAS for ISPs Premium offers ISPs the best flexibility and most custom set up that you can afford. Define your needs and MX Lab will set up the necessary platform for you to start protecting your clients straight away. Pricing starts from € 190 per month for 2 servers (1 gateway and 1 AVAS MTA Inbound).

For more information and pricing contact MX Lab or visit our web site

Increase your security with the MX Lab services at a special promotion price!

Increase your security with the MX Lab services at a special promotion price until 31 December 2011!

MX Lab offers it’s zero hour anti virus, managed anti spam and email archiving services at a lower price of € 7 per user per year*, a huge € 2 per user discount, and the great news is that you only need to request a 15 day trial and change your MX records to make use of our service.

Our special promotion price also affects our other services like Email Archiving or the Hosted solutions. Visit our web site for a full pricing overview.

Request your 15 day trial today!

Are you active as an IT solutions provider and want to offer the MX Lab services to your clients? Do not hesitate to contact us and join the MX Lab Partner Program and benefit for the special pricing as well!

* MX Lab offers its services at a special promotion price until 31 December 2011. In order to obtain the promotion you will need to request a 15 day trial and use the trial account by modifying your MX records in order to use the MX Lab service. Each trial that is converted in a subscription at the end of the trial will benefit of the special lower price for one year.

MX Lab group on LinkedIn

“Join the corporate group of MX Lab, provider of email security services like zero hour anti virus, managed anti spam and email archiving solutions. This group is open to everyone who is involved or interested in email security.”

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MX Lab integrates three new features in MX Lab Admin

MX Lab Admin has received 3 new features this week. Here’s a brief description.

Improved securuty with content policy for attachments

As you may know, MX Lab is using a multi layer anti virus system with in front the zero hour anti virus. So our anti virus is quite good but there is always room for improvements.

The new Content Policy Attachments feature provides additional security by placing emails with potential dangerous attachments in quarantine based on their file type. Currently 34 default file types have been integrated for all domains where the action is to quarantine for most of the filters.

Furthermore you can specify additional attachments file extension to need to be blocked or placed in quarantine. As an example, an organisation can decide to block or quarantine various multimedia files like mov, mpeg, mp3, wma and others.

For some clients we had installed a custom filter in our processing but now it’s fully managable and clients can customize this quite easy.

Specify an maximum email size

Incoming emails can be sometimes quite large and if your mail server has a maximum size limit you can now configure MX Lab to quarantine larger emails. Configure the max size for each domain in the Destination mail server settings page.

From the quarantine you can download the attachments with help of the Download Manager.

Spam reports follow up

If you receive spam mails that MX Lab didn’t intercept in the first place you can send us a spam report by email or you can use the inbound message log.

From now on, MX Lab will provide feedback on the processed spam reports. The page Status Spam Report in the Log section will give you an overview regarding the spam reports.

MX Lab Admin receives an update

MX Lab provides a new major update of MX Lab Admin, the management interface for clients. The update includes new features, support for multiple languages, interface enhancements like date range selector tools, animated Flash charts, new statistics reports and more.

Very good PayPal phishing email

A certain phishing email from ‘PayPal’ caught our attention. When investigating the phishing email we could find that this is a very professional one. The email in fact confirms your payment to a company, in this case Plimus, for an amout of$55,89 USD. The email provides a link to dispute the transaction and this is where the phishing starts.

Following the link to report a dispute results in being directed to http://**-***-**-********* and it brings you to the “PayPal login screen”.

Typical to phishing sites is that you can type in whatever you want as login or password, you will always be directed to a webform.

These guys have even included the animated screen ‘Logging in’ that you have when logging in to the real PayPal web site. After this screen you get a full webform which will try to get your full details.